Excellence in Plastic Surgery in Portland, OR

We could go on and on about Dr. Fichadia’s impressive resume, double-board-certified accolades, or years of research at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston, but let’s cut to the chase: Dr. Fichadia changes lives. Her fine-tuned expertise in plastic surgery allows her to offer safe procedures with the results that her patients dream of.

More importantly, Dr. Fichadia’s exhaustive understanding of human anatomy gives her a unique advantage in changing the natural shape of her patients’ bodies. From tummy tucks to reconstructive surgery, Dr. Fichadia offers a range of quality plastic surgery procedures. Continue reading to learn more about why you should choose Dr. Fichadia for plastic surgery in Portland, Oregon.

Awards and Honors

Dr. Fichadia is a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon (the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery), a step ahead of many other board-certified plastic surgeons. She is highly involved in presenting research to national and international surgical groups like the Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons and the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. She is also an active member of the American College of Surgeons, the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Association of Woman Surgeons. Finally, she has been named a “Top Doctor” on Real Self, an honor bestowed on only 10% of Real Self doctors.

Elite-Level Cosmetic Surgery Results

When patients consider plastic surgery, their minds often flood with images of lackluster results, botched procedures, and extensive recovery times. Although each surgeon’s level of expertise varies from clinic to clinic, impressive results come from medical professionals with decades of experience such as Dr. Fichadia, one of the best breast surgeons in the country. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon and following their advice allows you to avoid these unnecessary complications and achieve the results you want.

Dr. Fichadia specializes in breast lifts, which allow women to reclaim their confidence and restore their youthful appearance. Moreover, her technical abilities allow her to create an incision line around the edge of the patient’s areola, leaving a barely-noticeable mark once healed. For women who want to avoid scars, surgical marks, or complications, this technique is the perfect solution for their needs.

Dr. Fichadia also consults with multiple male patients every year to remove breast tissue and restore confidence. She is a leading gynecomastia surgeon in the Portland area and one of the best consultants available for men uncomfortable with the look of their chest. Dr. Fichada can offer a wide variety of surgical approaches for truly customized treatment.

Dr. Fichadia’s Approach

Dr. Fichadia’s approach to cosmetic surgery is a personalized one. She believes in taking the time to actively listen and truly understand her patients’ goals so she can offer the best, most appropriate options for achieving stunning results. During a consultation, she helps patients make an informed decision about their surgery by discussing the pros and cons, as well as offering the most up-to-date information, fully answering questions, and giving a thorough explanation of what patients can expect during their procedure. In short, Dr. Fichadia is the best partner available for patients looking for a talented surgeon with an unbeatable bedside manner.

Live Your Best Life Starting Today

Rather than putting your personal goals off and telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow,” start now. Dr. Fichadia’s skill in working with patients to achieve their body-image goals is world-class, and her attention to detail is second to none. Her extensive knowledge of general surgery, combined with her global reach, allows Dr. Fichadia to accommodate patients from various backgrounds and geographical locations.

Whether you want to look and feel your best by getting a breast augmentation or you want to return to your pre-mommy shape, Dr. Fichadia, located in Portland, OR, is ready and willing to address your needs. Don’t hesitate — call today or contact us online and start the process of making your dreams become a reality.

Your Guide to Breast Surgery in Portland

One of the most popular types of cosmetic and plastic surgery, breast surgery can involve many different techniques and goals – including augmentation, reduction, or lift, or a replacement or removal of implants. If you’re considering breast surgery, then you have many different options. As you schedule a consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon, it can be helpful to learn more about breast surgery and what to expect. Here’s a quick guide to breast surgery with Dr. Fichadia.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Surgery?

Determining whether you’re a good candidate for breast surgery is your first step. With the help of your plastic surgeon, you should consider factors like your overall health, your goals, your reproductive status, and your expectations for surgery. Since breast surgery can require downtime, it’s important to have a schedule that can accommodate you taking time to rest for 1-2 weeks.

How Do I Choose My Surgeon?

Since plastic and cosmetic surgery is such a personal choice, it’s vital you select a plastic surgeon you know and trust. In the case of Dr. Fichadia, she not only has years of experience producing excellent results for her patients, but is also double-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. A well-known presenter of research at international surgical meetings and conferences, Dr. Fichadia offers compassionate and personalized care, taking the time to answer questions and help patients realize their goals. Make sure to meet with a few different plastic surgeons to find one that makes you feel comfortable and heard, as well as offers the expertise needed to achieve your goals.

How Long is Recovery from Breast Surgery?

This can depend on many factors, including the type of surgery performed. For example, if you have breast augmentation surgery, you’ll need to take 2 or 3 days off from work or school. Generally, a majority of recovery occurs within 2 weeks following surgery, though depending on the surgery done, 3-4 weeks of avoiding strenuous activity may be recommended. It may take several months for your augmented breasts to completely heal and achieve their final appearance.

How is Gynecomastia Surgery Performed?

For men who have enlarged breasts and opt for gynecomastia surgery, it’s usually performed either by using surgical incisions, liposuction, or a combination of the two. While liposuction can remove excess fat, a surgical incision may be needed for men who have excess glandular tissue. Though results will be noticeable immediately after surgery, some swelling will still be present for a few weeks. A normal routine can be resumed within 2 weeks but it can take up to 3 months for final results to settle in.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Though similar to breast augmentation, breast reconstruction focuses on enhancing the shape and size of a woman’s breasts after she has undergone a mastectomy. It offers many psychological benefits to women who have fought cancer. Reconstruction can be done using breast implants or with the patient’s own body tissue. An important step in helping women rebound from cancer, Dr. Fichadia is heavily involved in the Providence St. Vincent’s breast conference, where individualized cancer treatment plans come to fruition.

Schedule Your Consultation

There’s a lot to learn from breast surgery and your plastic surgeon. Dr. Fichadia is a double-board certified plastic surgeon located in Portland, OR. To get started, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a consultation with our team. Call or fill out our online contact form to get in touch.

The Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is an intensely personal choice. Most patients have been thinking about having surgery for a long time before they actually start looking for a plastic surgeon. You always want to make sure that you’re working with the best surgeon for your needs. An ideal plastic surgeon is technically precise, has an eye for aesthetics, attentive, experienced, and knowledgeable about your concerns.

You may wonder whether gender matters when choosing a plastic surgeon. For women, a female plastic surgeon comes with many benefits by way of personal and professional knowledge.


Having a female plastic surgeon can be comforting because you know that they have the ability to personally relate to your experiences. From her entire life experience of being in a female body, your surgeon will also better understand how you feel about your body and how you want to change it.

Other than considering surgery for intimate areas, another reason for seeing a plastic surgeon is for concerns related to aging. This is another area where it is beneficial to see a female plastic surgeon since many procedures are designed to combat the aging process. A female plastic surgeon will know how women’s bodies change throughout the aging process and the best procedures to address these concerns.

Personal Understanding of Societal Pressures 

Female surgeons have also navigated the difficult terrain of societal pressures on the female body. Because of this they have compassion and understanding that comes from personal experience. Female plastic surgeons know how easy it is to feel insecure when surrounded by media messages and societal pressures to have the perfect body.  A female plastic surgeon like Dr. Fichadia understands this pressure, at the same time strongly believing in body positivity and self love. She can relate to why you may want to have a cosmetic procedure done and advise you on the best ways to get the results you’re seeking. Dr. Fichadia’s goal is never to create results that make her patients all look the same. Dr Fichadia believes in tailoring each procedure according to your preferences and unique features. She creates natural-looking results that enhance the natural beauty of her patients so they can feel like their best selves.


Communication and honesty with your doctor is paramount, especially when it comes to changing your body. You need to be comfortable explaining what you want and telling your doctor when you don’t want something. Female patients’ preference for female doctors may be related to both greater comfort with intimate exams as well as their communication style. Women are known to engage in partnership building, and having more empathetic and open ended conversations. Women value these qualities more during a medical consultation. 

Talking to someone with similar life experiences helps to eliminate a lot of communication hurdles and many women find it easier to communicate with a female doctor. The understanding between you and your doctor can remove some of the anxiety often associated with surgery and other procedures.

An aspect of good communication is feeling at ease around your surgeon. Dr. Fichadia wants every patient she sees to feel comfortable and welcome when they visit. The process of preparing for and undergoing a procedure can be stressful. Dr. Fichadia knows this and understands how significant it is to put your body in someone else’s hands. This connection can create a natural bond and comfort in being vulnerable around one another.

Find the right plastic surgeon for you

If you’re looking for an experienced plastic surgeon in the Portland, Oregon area, look no further than Hetal Fichadia, MD. Dr. Fichadia is a trained reconstructive and plastic surgeon with a double board-certification. On top of being a talented and experienced surgeon, Dr. Fichadia cares deeply about the work she does. She offers personalized care for every patient and does her best to ensure their needs are met. 

Dr. Fichadia is also compassionate and attentive. Her background and experiences have made her well equipped to tend to a wide array of patients. In fact, she has been so highly rated and successful at her work that she was awarded “Top Doctor” by RealSelf.com. She has also consistently made the Portland Monthly magazine’s Top Doctor list since 2019. 

You can schedule a consultation with her practice today by calling (503) 488-2344 or filling out an online form.