Everything you need to know about a mommy makeover

A Makeover Specially Designed for Moms?

What is a mommy makeover and why would a mother be interested in having one in the first place? It’s no surprise that the secret behind the trim and fit bodies of celebrity moms is more than just a good diet and exercise plan. While it is necessary to combine a healthy body type with these two things, at the same time there is no mystery as to what the extra boost to vibrant looks comes from. It’s more than only celebrities that are seeking makeovers that extend even further than face makeup or a new hair cut. Everyday, ordinary mothers are just as likely to seek certain procedures to revert their bodies back to the glory that existed before introducing the world to a new member of the family.

Achieving Your Desired Results

Due, in part, to the influence of celebrity mothers, there is a great demand for “mommy makeover” plans. These plans include a series of procedures that are specially designed to help restore a woman’s body by repairing the natural damage that it has undergone throughout their pregnancy. Even though this series of procedures can help individuals in reaching their physical goals, it is important for patients to be realistic in their expectations. Clear communication between doctor and patient can help everyone involved in getting to where they need to be to understand what can and cannot be achieved. Great things can be done with cosmetic and corrective surgery. However, what can be done and when will depend on each individual case.

While it may seem as if celebrities who lose a ton of weight and achieve a toned body soon after giving birth do so with some sort of surgical miracle, that is not necessarily the case. Since all mothers go through extreme stress throughout their pregnancy and while giving birth, it is not realistic to be prepared for major corrective surgeries right off the bat. It may take weeks or even months of recovery before a patient will be fully ready for the physical healing demands that certain cosmetic procedures will require of them. Dr. Fichadia will be able to go over all of the important details pertaining to an individual’s needs during your consultation.

What Does This Makeover Include?

Even though a mommy makeover is a very personal thing, there area few common types of surgeries that are usually included in a customized plan. When a woman undergoes months of pregnancy, her body tends to go through changes that differ depending on the woman. For some, certain areas of the body may be much more affected than for others. For example, one mother may see an extreme gain in weight in all areas of her body, while another mother may only experience significant weight gain in a few areas.

For this reason a tummy tuck is one of the absolute most common types of cosmetic procedures for recently pregnant women to undergo. Since pregnancy is renown for extending the stomach, there is a good reason for this. In the same vein, some individuals may seek liposuction, breast lifts, and labiaplasty to help in repairing damage experienced while giving birth.